[XboxOne] GTA 5 Online – Hardcore Money Grind! *TGIF*

•Xbox Live Gamer Tag: JKplaysNslays (Just send me a MESSAGE on Xbox saying “Invite” – If you’re wanting to join up and play with me/us – I will then invite you to the party)


*Make sure you’re following me on Twitter [@KeeKJ_] so you can be tuned in whenever I’ve got any news for you!

◘DONATE & BE SEEN ON THE ?TREAM: https://goo.gl/jZ8Xz4

? Gaming Stream Schedule: (CST) *No Guarantees Currently Due to Crazy Scheduling..It’s Week-to-Week for now; BUT I am trying to be here as close to the times listed below as I can –
Monday-Thursday: 6pm-10pm+
Saturday: Mid-Day Stream
Sunday: 8-10hour All-Day Stream
*Make sure you turn on my Post-Notifications (Little Bell Icon Next to my Subscribe Button) – So that you are alerted whenever I go live!
◘Make sure you’re following me on Twitter [@TheJKeeK] so you can be tuned in whenever I’ve got any updates or news for you!

♣YouTube & YTGaming: https://goo.gl/ryPUFt
♣Instagram: TheJKeeK – https://goo.gl/DkjyM7
♣Twitter: @KeeKJ_ – https://goo.gl/kIFxhE
♫Soundcloud: JKeeK – https://goo.gl/38QLeh

◘VENTRILO Server (Voice Chat) *&* DISCORD Server – Both to Come @ 1K Subs!
(Discord will be more openly available to y’all while the Vent Server will be more private for the KeeKSquad!)

►Some RULES for STREAM: [There are Mods in the Chat – If you are asked by one to stop whatever it is you are doing that is disrupting the flow / tone of the chat – It would be wise to do that exactly…Unless you don’t like coming here or care to continue coming here. Under their discretion they will time you out / kick you – Don’t argue with their calls, don’t come to me crying either. Just be mature and get along with everyone.
•No excessive emojis or spamming chat.
•No excessive typing in CAPS (it’s like you are yelling)
•Do Not talk down to or disrespect other viewers in the chat, we’re all equal here!
•Do Not Self-Advertise or Promote other Channels, Videos, Giveaways, etc.
•Don’t ask for Chat Moderator as it is choice Given/Earned.

◘FAQ: As They Come:
•What Console(s) do I play on? – Xbox One & Occasional PC.
•Where am I from? – TX, USA!
•Can You Have Mod? – Earn It.
•How Tall am I? – 6’6.

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